Dealer meaning

dealer meaning

a person who buys and sells goods, the player who distrib Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries. Definition of dealer: An individual or entity, such as a securities firm, when it acts as a principal and stands ready to buy and sell for its own. Definition of dealer: Individual or firm that buys goods from a producer or distributor for wholesale and/or retail reselling. Unlike a distributor, a dealer is a  ‎ What is odd lot dealer? · ‎ What is broker dealer? · ‎ What is primary dealer?. dealer meaning Definition of dealer from the Collins English Dictionary. One that is engaged in buying and selling: Browse Definitions by Letter: They were removed; then there was a squabble between the gentleman and the skat oyna as to which should pay the blacksmith. O, how accursed is that system, which entombs the godlike mind of man, defaces the divine image, reduces those who by crea- tion were free online roulette game with glory and honor to a level with four-footed beasts, and exalts the dealer in hu- man flesh above all that is called God View in context. Panagopulos would say only that the writings were offered to him by a dealer. Definition An individual or entitysuch as a securities firmwhen it acts as a principal and stands ready to buy and sell for its own account.

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